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Artist Name: NVM0

Who are you?

Theres Only ONe me . Thats how i describe me as an artist
Never Vunderestimate Me 0Bviously
1 NneR G
idk just listen to the music

Where are you from?

I'm from Flatbush Brooklyn Nyc.
the music scene is alright theres isn't really something or someone that defines flatbush unless u talking bout joey (badass) or like flatbush zombies or sheff g sleepy (hallow )
pop ( smoke ) not really from flatbush but he is brooklyn regardless . hes pop tho so thats what everyone in the hood is striving for u kno

How can we follow you?

w3lc0m32 on Ig
type 1nrg and/or nvm0 on soundcloud
fb numo glo

Song Title: jean vibe zohe

Listen to NVM0:

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