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Artist Name: OMPLR

Who are you?

The group of urban youths 'blingsatan' – New Wave Orchestra Kanuragan. The contemporary Dangdut Orchestra Group has the typical style of Jakarta urban youth with a blend of audio, visual and performing arts elements chosen to present a new formula. Committed to being a forum for the expression of all people from various disciplinary backgrounds since 2017. Urban and traditional culture are the choices of issues that are often conveyed through OMPLR's works.

Where are you from?

We're from Indonesia and we carry 'Dangdut/Orkes' music. Dangdut music or songs are characteristic of Indonesian music. Dangdut music has existed in Indonesia since the 1950s – 1970s. Where this year the type of dangdut music is still very traditional and is referred to as the "Orkes Melayu". As time goes by, Dangdut is becoming more and more famous and is increasingly getting extraordinary appreciation in the international market. The diverse culture of Dangdut makes Dangdut in general something unique and attractive to the international community.

How can we follow you?

Instagram : @_omplr_ // https://www.instagram.com/_omplr_/
Youtube : OMPLR // https://www.youtube.com/@omplr7196

Song Title: Belantara Beton Jakarta

Listen to OMPLR:

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