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Artist Name: Ovenfrikandel

Who are you?

I grew up in the 90's, so the music from that decade is influencing my producing. I love to blend oldschool sounds and melodies into my songs. I also like pumping beats, especially when they are over 140 BPM. I also love to use the typical acid sounds known from techno in my tracks. Let them 303's, 808's en 909's roll!

Fun fact: the frikandel is a typical Dutch snack. When visiting The Netherlands, be sure to try one. Or more!

Where are you from?

I'm Ovenfrikandel, a producer from The Netherlands. I'm producing Memetechno, a mixture of techno beats with vocal samples from TikTok, YouTube, tv-shows or commercials. It's a popular genre amongst young people in The Netherlands and Belgium. Even though most vocals are Dutch, the music speaks for itself.
The Netherlands is well known for it's rich dance music industry. Good examples are the gabber house (or hardcore house), hardstyle music and ofcourse EDM with DJ's and producers like Martin Garrix and Tiesto.

How can we follow you?

Obviously you can find Ovenfrikandel on Spotify. It would be great if you follow me there. I also have a playlist which is a blend of the harder styles.
I'm also on Instagram: @ovenfrikandel_official. And you can find my songs on YouTube as well!

Song Title: Gaar

Listen to Ovenfrikandel:

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