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Artist Name: Ozyman

Who are you?

I feel an unshakeable desire to move when I hear certain songs, I think it's a primal response we all have maybe once used to motivate each other for war or some other major event. On every occasion, I try my best to involve the listener and get them to move along with me. I wouldn't make music if not to vocalize what others may not be able to. I want someone to understand that, if you feel the same then I'm right here with you.

Where are you from?

Well I'm from Chicago, Illinois which most people might know as having a pretty diverse rap scene but music in general is pretty diverse at home. I can't help but shout out Mick Jenkins, who I've been a real strong supporter of over the past years. Also Vic Mensa doesn't get enough love out here for real. As it goes, I moved to Tennessee and then Kentucky shortly after that when I was about 11. Since I was born in the early 90's, the music scene when I was young consisted of the Chicago greats at the time and those who would later become icons. King Louie, Common, Da Brat, Omen, all were either starting or on the move already. I think Lupe was around when we were leaving the city but you get the general atmosphere at the time.

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Song Title: King of Thieves

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