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Artist Name: Ph’we

Who are you?

South African born afrobeat songwriter and vocalist, based in Johannesburg. Continuously demonstrating love and peace. “Skyscrapers” featuring my biological twin brother Skhephe being my first afrobeat single after rebranding from Hip-Hop. With my next single “Terminator” partnering with my twin brother again is a must listen. The beginning of a long journey.

Where are you from?

I’m from Cape Town South Africa. The music scene is crowded with Amapiano artists which is a sound unique to South Africa. There’s not much room for artists to grow as as well considering most of the people in the industry are the same people who we had 5 -10 years ago. Afrobeat music is something that’s beginning to grow as well.

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Song Title: Terminator

Listen to Ph’we:

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