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Artist Name: prodbytofr

Who are you?

I'm very flexible, I can make almost any type of beat/song. I write all of my stuff, unless I'm feeling lazy and I want to use a sample. I play multiple instruments and have lots of songwriting experience. I don't really have a style, I just make whatever I feel like.

Where are you from?

I'm from central virginia and I make hip hop beats, with hope that a rapper will use them. I can make pop and almost anything else too. I used to go by the name "Ninefivetries" and release electronic music, but I went through a recent change in taste and style, and I'm looking to start up my new music and reach a new audience.

How can we follow you?

Right now I only have a soundcloud, and I'm currently working on a youtube channel. I'm hoping that if I can grow those enough I'll expand to more platforms.

Song Title: I'm Not Ready

Listen to prodbytofr:


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