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Artist Name: Proudly keil ca

Who are you?

I would honestly say my Music and style describes me as a whole creative person , like I usually challenge myself to do something even if people think it wont work i"ll always come up and make a way . From making music in my own bedroom to scoring an international deal and that didn't happen from luck is all about pushing yourself to the limits that no one can challenge you unless it's only you.

Where are you from?

Proudly Keil Ca is an 19year old Botswana Artist, Who's real name is Dennis Lefio M Modisane . The young Artist is signed to an International Record Label which is Co-founded by Brian Malouf (Djooky Records Inc) .Brain Malouf is an American Producer ,engineer and mixer who has worked with acts like Michael Jackson, Madonna ,Stevie Wonder and Many more.

Born and raised in Botswana Proudly Keil Ca started doing music at very young age of 10 years old . The young artist started performing at school talent shows and got more support from his schoolmates which gave him inspiration and motivation to pursue music .

When he was young he used to record with a phone and did live freestyle streaming to gain more fans on the internet .

He dropped his first album "Journey of a broken soul" in 2020 which he worked with international producers and artist from countries like Romania, USA ,South Africa and England. He collaborated with producers like Solo Otto who is from Botswana too but international known.

At the age of 14years old the young artist got stabbed by a theft which led him to be more Antisocial and focused more on writing songs when he was all alone .

Despite being bullied at his junior school which led him to be depressed he still chose to write songs to express his emotions.

How can we follow you?

2.Itunes https://music.apple.com/bw/album/please/1583091992?i=1583092147&ls

Song Title: 26-01-20

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