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Artist Name: RAY

Who are you?

Alot more personal in my lyrics i try to not to exaggerate everything i say. I dont like to be the guy to say it but my better received songs are ones where im not entirely honest but i am going for a vibe. Best explained im Me with my music i make what i can sound as real as possible.

Where are you from?

California, Where im from specifically the music is heavily influenced by westcoast vibes and murder beats. Genres like hip hop to r&b are the core and most notable groups or rappers like Shoreline mafia, RBE x SOB, Mozzy, 03 Greedo etc.. are from where i am.

How can we follow you?

Instagram – raystayslimm
Twitter – R47ray


Song Title: On Bars (Remix)

Listen to RAY:

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