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Artist Name: Reign $upreme

Who are you?

Honestly, theres no real way to describe my music or my artistry. I can literally make any genre from Hip-Hop, to Dancehall, to R&B, to Drill, to Country, Jazz, Alternative, etc. I wouldn't categorize myself because I'm not a one dimensional type of artist. What I can say is that I'm a student to the game, a chameleon so to speak. Meaning I can always alter my sound or adapt to whats going on currently. I'm for sure a talented person, hard worker, always determined to prove to myself that I can always outdo what I did last, humble and always eager to work. As an artist I just want the supporters to know that with time everything tends to get better including my music which I know will be classic/timeless works of art.

Where are you from?

Well, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Since a child, New York has been the mecca for music & always tends to push the sound/culture to another level every couple of years. The music scene right now is lit though ! You got the whole drill movement which has sub-genres such as sample drill, jersey drill, etc. Shouts out to Shawny Binladen & the whole YTB (Yellow Tape Boyz) for the start of the sample drill wave for real. But as you know the sound keeps evolving so you got artist like me trying to mesh the rage music with the r&b, drill & rap which ultimately will become a whole new wave for the city. As of right now the New York music scene is bussing, everyday you could find at least 10 new artist that could possibly blow up within the next couple months.

How can we follow you?

Y'all can check me out on
instagram @1reignsupreme,
twitter @1reignsupreme_

Song Title: I.I.W.I.I. (It is what it is)

Listen to Reign $upreme:

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