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Artist Name: Rice

Who are you?

Rice echoes a unique vibe of his own with each stunning release. Rising, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, musician and activist. Rice is driven to soar. Known for his use of clever and crafted wordplay that underscore pertinent issues of modern society. Rice hopes to create relatable powerful music. Inspired by creative icons such as Jay-Z, Kanye, Rice is motivated to inspire audiences and catalyze them to believe in themselves.

Where are you from?

Rice an artist out of Webster MA. Apart from being a budding artist, singer , songwriter , Rice is also Co-founder of Hustle Work Grind Ent. Rice remains inspired by the belief that music is a universal language and a powerful medium to connect, empower and inspire others. Rice is charged with ingenuity and passion and this is demonstrated in his releases which all have a different vibe but keeping with his message of self value.
Shout out to all the talent in Worcester County. We are for entertainment lovers and makers from musicians, to bands, theater, spoken word etc. when we think of Worcester County its a community, of diversity when it comes to entertainment. There are outdoor events and festivals and just an enjoyable music scene all year,

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow me on
IG thereal_arroz
FB Rice Official, Jerard r Rice
Youtube Jerard Rice
website Hustleworkgrind.com

Song Title: Juice

Listen to Rice:

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