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Artist Name: RichNRichie

Who are you?

We R pretty crazy but able to socialize with most of people. 🙂 All we wanna do is Music.

Where are you from?

Hello it's RichNRichie (Dj Navarron & Cap'n Richie) We R a new rap group, since 2020 we made together apart from 3 releases of Dj Navarro
52 Demo Releases, which are available in 25 stores in 249 country. Our roots goes back to Rock, Rap, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, so we started
to mix all of our previous experiences into our new projects. Mostly it's Hip-Hop mixed with Drum & Bass etc, but we did a Jazzy, Pop songs as well lately.

How can we follow you?

Spotify, Diezer, Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Song Title: Lucky

Listen to RichNRichie:

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