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Artist Name: RickyGoGetEm

Who are you?

Honestly, I think I'm pretty different. My sound can't be tied down to just one specific thing. I always love to incorporate melodies into my music because I feel that melody is something people everywhere can enjoy — BUT I want to make melodies that aren't just tied down to a single genre.

Where are you from?

I'm from Kingston, Jamaica but I've lived in Denver, Colorado ever since I was six. No cap, the music scene here is dead as fuck. Nobody is really claiming Colorado. But I think that's what has the potential to make me stand out — like when they peep my music, they see this new artist from a different place; and that's what attracts them more.

How can we follow you?

all socials are @rickygogetem

Song Title: Rocket League

Listen to RickyGoGetEm:

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