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Artist Name: Robbie V

Who are you?

Here then is my artist’s creed (of sorts), pushed to the outer limits, without pretense, pride, or modesty. but rather with true humility and gratitude for just being alive:

If others have already written good music which I admire, THEN I WILL PERFORM IT as well as anyone can, but if some good music that might please me has not yet been written, THEN I WILL COMPOSE IT, and write it as well as anyone can.

Where are you from?

Emerging out of the shadows of kwaito, South African hip hop has grown to become a dominant force in mainstream South African music. The last three decades have seen it grow from being a form of political expression in its birth place Cape Town to artists such as Blxckie being embraced by fans from around the world. While the rise of South African hip hop features the hard work of many, in this brief history that led to genres rise.

How can we follow you?

Instagram@ Yugiro.hanma
Soundcloud@ https://soundcloud.com/user-187064021

Song Title: Why them ni**as gotta steal my socks

Listen to Robbie V:

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