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Artist Name: ROBMON

Who are you?

I like to take risks in my music, creating bass sounds and rhythms that are fresh to the scene. Many of my tracks are inspired by movies that I've watched over the years. Han Zimmer has influenced me to create songs that progress gradually into the drops.

Where are you from?

ROBMON is a producer from Mount Vernon, he is bringing back old school dubstep and serving up his take on house music. ROBMON’s journey into Electronic Music and passion for dubstep came to life from listening to Bassnectar, Deadmau5, and binging sets of Skrillex on Youtube. Now, the producer infuses the essence from many classic dubstep into his heavy hitting tracks.

How can we follow you?

Facebook► www.facebook.com/robmonmusic
Instagram► www.instagram.com/robmonmusic/
SoundCloud► @robmonmusic
Spotify► open.spotify.com/artist/2d4jPCnnODLVsSNOWJorAy
AppleMusic► itunes.apple.com/us/artist/robmon/1405665343

Song Title: Dune

Listen to ROBMON:

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