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Artist Name: S-Blok Blaxk

Who are you?

I’m just some real right trapping ass nigga. I say what I live and I live what I say and that’s why a lot tend to hate but we keep pushing.

Where are you from?

My Name is S-Blok Blaxk From East New York Swag Blok. The music scene where I’m at is not it at all but the way me and my team gonna step is crazy but we gonna let the plan unfold. Drill is the #1 genre with everyone but I’m trying to be on a international timing that not everyone is on. But that’s another conversation

How can we follow you?

You can follow my Instagram :Black_cbg
My SoundCloud : SideBlok Blak

Song Title: Turn it up

Listen to S-Blok Blaxk:

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