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Artist Name: saiah woes

Who are you?

Woes is a character in itself. I bring a different type of energy to the table when it comes to my flows, lyrics, and beat selection. I'm always willing to try different things and go out of my comfort zone but still stay true to who I am. As an artist I try to always challenge myself, I don't write any of the songs I record they are always freestyled and it can never be replicated because it comes from me.

Where are you from?

I go by Saiah Woes & I'm from Inglewood, CA. The music scene out here is in need for a change out here in LA. With my music I'm myself and I bring the listeners to my world. Especially out here in LA where most of the music is based off gang culture.

How can we follow you?

All my woes can follow me on
instagram: @saiahwoes
twitter: @bustdownbaybee
Soundcloud: Woes (@saiahwoes)
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Song Title: Who Cares

Listen to saiah woes:

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