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Artist Name: SciRaVen

Who are you?

Im a Professional Bass Music Prouducer, i make Future Bass , MElodic Dubstep , Tearout, Riddim, Colour Bass, Brostep, Electro House etc…
i used to be a house music producer before i became a bass music producer. back then i had no popularity at all but after i learned bass music and started producing it i got into where i want.

Where are you from?

Im from Sri Lanka, in Sri Lanka theres no place for EDM music producers but i carved my way though that and achieved my final goal

How can we follow you?

Instagram : @sciravenofficial
Spotify : SciRaVen
Youtube : @sciraven
Apple Music : SciRaVen
Amazon : SciRaVen
Soundcloud : sciraven

Song Title: Aint Nobody Listening

Listen to SciRaVen:

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