#Seale Tha Deal #TheSupremeTeam
Artist Name: Seale Tha Deal

Who are you?

New to the profiting part of the rhyme scene. New rhymes and O.G. rhymes. Hip Hop pop music. Electronic composer musician. American rap musician.

Where are you from?

USA. The music scene in United States is great. A lot of flavors in hip hop, pop, jazz and techno rap. A shot out to New York City on the East and Los Angeles on the West. Houston in between, and Baltimore MD (black City) for being real with the history of the Star Spangled Banner. (National Anthem)

How can we follow you?

YouTube, Boomplay, Spotify, Deezer, Distrokid, KK Box, Facebook…

Song Title: To Tha Mixtrack

Listen to Seale Tha Deal:

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