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Artist Name: Sean Fire

Who are you?

Sean Fire is an artist from the south of Italy with a passion for rap and hip-hop. He grew up in a tough environment, where music often provided an escape from the dangers of his home. It was the powerful music of renowned artists such as 2Pac and Snoop Dogg that inspired him to pursue a career in the music industry.

Sean Fire learned how to write and perform music by listening to the beats he heard and by studying the works of the greats. He learned to play guitar, but as he puts it, "I forgot." His artist name was inspired by Sean Kngstone and the freestyle in his zone.

Sean Fire's creative process is a complex one. He starts by creating his lyrics and then finding the beat that best fits the mood of the song. His main inspirations come from sages, cages, and the knowledge that he can learn from his experiences in life. His main musical inspiration is 2Pac, but he admires and respects all artists in the music industry.

The message that Sean Fire would like to give to his fans is to groove and breathe with the notes of his music, like James Brown. He considers his fans to be those who are looking to awake from the last period of music, and he wants to give them the best of what he has to offer. To create his music, Sean Fire draws upon both his own feelings and those of his fans.

Sean Fire sees Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent as his main competitors, but he does not view them as enemies. He believes that it is very important to learn, study, and understand old music and music history in order to succeed in the music industry. He would love to have FireTheBreaker join him on tour for a month, as he believes that they could create some amazing music together.

The thing that Sean Fire enjoys most about being an artist is the feedback that he gets from his listeners. He believes that the most important skills needed to succeed in the music industry are harmony and breath control. To handle long travels away from home and late nights, Sean Fire relies on his enthusiasm for creating music.

In the coming months, Sean Fire plans to stay in contact with producers, release new singles, and put out another album. He is also open to artistic collaborations, and hopes to perfect his approach to contacts in the near future.

Where are you from?

I'm from Muravera(Cagliari) Italy,
ma music rappresent and celebrate the hip-hop style and underground too..

How can we follow you?

Song Title: This MO(Break It)-JDilla

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