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Artist Name: sethonthebeat

Who are you?

I’m a melodic rapper, who although can sing relatively well, (definitely not a SINGER singer but I can hit some notes for sure) I have a pretty noticeably auto tuned sound, just because I like how it sounds. I make a variety of music from Trippie redd/lil skies vibes to pluggnb romantic songs. But my current #1 sound is regalia, just beautiful beats and they really get me going on another level.

Where are you from?

I’m in Australia but my targeted audience is USA due to Australia’s rap scene being all UK drill/boom bap style. But it would be awesome if similar to the kid laroi I could catch my countries attention due to me not fitting in with our current norms.

How can we follow you?

I can be found on IG @sethonthebeat_ and sethonthebeat on all platforms including YouTube.

Song Title: LYIN

Listen to sethonthebeat:

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