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Artist Name: Silo Seven

Who are you?

I'm a visual and sonic shapeshifter. My art is a vehicle to bring your mind on a euphoric trip through the best vibes and sounds. Listening to me is a journey you'll want to experience again and again and again just to catch that feeling that keeps you coming back.

Where are you from?

South Florida is where I call home but I can't leave out the city of Boston where it all started for me. Coming up on both ends of the East Coast exposed me to a ton of music scenes and diverse cultures. Shout out to events/venues such as Masisi, Art Plug, 1-800-Lucky, Oasis Wynwood, Club Space, Rugg Road, The Middle East, Out of the Blue Too, Haley House, Dudley Cafe, and ICA Boston that introduced me to so many great artists and performers.

How can we follow you?


Song Title: Summatime

Listen to Silo Seven:


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