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Artist Name: Sincerely PS

Who are you?

My grandfather and his being there for me while I was growing up taught me what true love expresses itself as. He would sacrifice his time, resources, and attention to make sure I wasn't left to my own devices. When he passed (and later, my mom), that shifted a paradigm in me–the pain of it was a lot, so not long after, I felt the pain, picked up a pen, and started writing. Not long after, I started recording songs out of my bedroom. It has been a long road to get through so many challenges, but I will always be so appreciative to music for helping me get through it all.

Preston shares the art that fueled his own. It was Eminem who inspired the first song he wrote: “I was drawn to hip-hop music after hearing Lil Wayne’s ‘Back That Thang Up’, and later upon listening to Eminem’s album, ‘The Eminem Show’. After a couple of years of listening to Eminem a lot, I sat down and wrote a song to Eminem’s ‘The Way I Am’ in under an hour and have been making music ever since—and that was twenty years ago.”

Where are you from?

Sincerely PS is from the bay. He grew up south of San Francisco on what we call "the peninsula." However, he is beefing up his team and following the road to performing in the east bay. He is getting more and more active in the east bay's thriving music scene. The bay area is not one music scene, and the east bay's is second to none in the region. It is collaborative, built on community and aid, and is welcoming him with open arms. With love from Oakland.

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Song Title: The Truth

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