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Artist Name: Sirreal

Who are you?

I used to think I dont care about what people think as kid. But somewhere down the line, I started filtering. I started putting up a front. A front to hide behind. A front created to please everyone. So that everyone likes me, while still believing I don't care what people think. It was a hard realization to come to. And when you let go of the front, you realize being you is way more important than being liked by everyone. Well, cuz its more YOU. I also never really had any friends. Such a cliche, a music producer without friends, am i right? So I want to build a community for people who feel like they don't fit in anywhere. I want them to know there's a place for everyone. My name actually came from me taking a bunch of photoshop collages in photoshop which i used to post on instagram. I came to name Sirreal cause all of my stuff was around the surreal. And you guessed it, my music is also surreal.

Where are you from?

I am from India. I believe the music scene in anyplace is like the music scene in any other place with maybe the dominating genre differing. In India, the most heard genre is local Punjabi music. Does not matter if you know punjabi or not, you will dance to punjabi music after a few drinks (I don't, but I don't dance as much so I dont know if it counts). The rap and techno communities have been in the forefront after Punjabi music. There's also a heavy hippy crowd in Goa, where people loose their shit to some heavy high tempo psy trance music. Other than that there's a place for other undergrounds genres to exist as well.

How can we follow you?

Currently on soundcloud. Soon on spotify.

Song Title: Disproportionate response to reality

Listen to Sirreal:

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