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Artist Name: Slimeball CaL

Who are you?

uhhhhhh i don’t know how to really describe myself as an artist i’m a little white kid with glasses who hangs out in the hood so i’m really just a white kid rapping about drugs guns getting money and all that other stuff almost every other rapper raps about but in my eyes i like to think slim shady 2.0 i sound nothing like him , we don’t rap on the same beats or anything like that , but seeing a white rapper kinda gave me the confidence to do it i guess because i’ve always liked rap but never felt like i would he welcomed into it the way i have been but yea i don’t really know how to explain myself you would just have to listen for yourself

Where are you from?

i’m from honea path south carolina , the music scene is okay out here nobody super famous or anything and nobody super poppin but a some strong talent out here for sure it’s a small town in a small state so it’s really overlooked so we don’t get the recognition we deserve but we gonna be famous one day

How can we follow you?

slimeball cal on all platforms sblcal21 on tiktok and instagram

Song Title: omm ! (prod. win8k)

Listen to Slimeball CaL:


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