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Artist Name: slumboy

Who are you?

I would say I'm An Mindful Artist who is trying give out basic messages in an extraordinary way and so He speaks from the Heart. When It comes to sound I just love exploring, working with different Creatives, because I believe in Specializing, that's one of the things that made my talent Grow, Moving forward I prefer to be a recording artist and let other Man do their work.

Where are you from?

Hello dear Friends ,Im from a country in Africa ,called Botswana in a developing village called molepolole, The music scene in Botswana I would say its pretty Average and the less population makes it hard for Artists to reach many numbers their projects however other Artists like Han C, Veezo View and Franco has gained a massive following from fans across, Recently this year ,we saw 3 Established artists in Botswana hosting One man Shows ,this motivated me into thinking that it is possible.

How can we follow you?

SOUNDCLOUND LINK:https://soundcloud.com/uoenoszn/tracks
INSTAGRAM LINK:https://www.instagram.com/s_l_u_m_b_o_y/

Song Title: FAITH

Listen to slumboy:

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