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Artist Name: Sophia Naina

Who are you?

As an artist, I'm very dynamic. A singer, dancer, and person with a passion for theatre & film, I love for people to experience my music. I'm most reputable for the polarity in my music. It's timeless, yet nostalgic. It's lullaby ballads with sassy lyricism, heavy cultural influences, and the 808’s of my hometown, Atlanta. Influenced by acts like Sade, Janet + Michael Jackson, Beyonce.. my music is a tune that embraces a young woman’s softness and femininity, as well as her hustle and claim to what is hers – however she wants it.

Where are you from?

I'm from Atlanta, Ga.. and you can definitely hear that in my 808's, but being a Nigerian artist who's lived in Miami with parents heavily vested in both reggae and afrobeat plays apart in my sound. In Atlanta though, the music scene is very active, very diverse! There's a place for everyone to fit in here.

How can we follow you?

On twitter, tik tok, & instagram, my handle is @sophiaxnaina. My music is available to stream on apple music, spotify, audiomack, youtube, soundcloud, deezer, googleplay +more!

Song Title: TENSION

Listen to Sophia Naina:

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