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Artist Name: Stevosky Music

Who are you?

Stephen Oluwafisayomi (born 17 May 2001),[1] known professionally as Stevosky music, is a Nigerian singer, Multi-instrumentalist, arranger and Rapper. He rose to prominence release of his Debut song "Fade Away” which Won the Best Young Act of the year 2020 at the Annual Gospel music Awards

In 2021 he Released “Save our Soul”. Featuring Joanne Togati which is influenced by Dax’s (Dear God). Also won Best Pop/Rap song of the Year 2021 at the Annual Gospel music Awards.

Stevosky music Is making waves all round the net with his new hit song “21”

Where are you from?

I’m From Nigeria, and here music means a lot to us, shout out to every artist here making impact independently

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Song Title: 21

Listen to Stevosky Music:

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