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Artist Name: SVGMAZE

Who are you?

Co-founder & Creative Director of the Dubstep label Savage Society Records. Hailing from a background of death metal drumming, my heavy, dark and twisted sound designing has managed to migrate styles over to electronic music for over a decade now. My artist catalog features a few dozen releases on labels like Never Say Die: Black Label, Buygore, Disciple RT, SMOG and others. Having performed at EDC, Rampage Belgium, Toxic Summer, Beyond Wonderland, Valhalla Canada, and even toured Australia; there is no telling how far or wide the sounds of SVGMAZE will influence.

Where are you from?

Born & raised in LA – at the start of my music career in 2012 was a prime time for an uprising of riddim dubstep in USA. After shortly forming a collective of members which soon turned into Savage Society Records; that was just the beginning of it's takeover on a global scale. With several sold out shows in our hometown Los Angeles, we were determined to set eyes on the rest of the world that needed to hear the original savage sound.

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