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Artist Name: swizbuckler

Who are you?

I would call myself a "Bedroom Metal Artist", atmospheric and weird. I have joy in making something peculiar and traditional. Maybe progressive? I'm not even sure what my music would qualify as. Its all random stuff, but I would call myself just a metal musician. Other people can call me whatever they please because I truly don't know the genre of my style besides metal. My 2nd album "Interstellar Wavelengths" is a atmospheric metal type album themed around space, and my latest album "Tenebris" is heavily inspired by atmospheric black metal. So I try a lot of different styles and not just one.

Where are you from?

I am from Grundy Virginia and I would say it is a very small community. I know just very few artists in this little town and most of them are old-timers. I alone with another fellow spotify artist I know personally are the only people in this little community that I know of that has Spotify accounts, let alone make music. The music scene around here mainly consists of country, rap, and bluegrass type music. Hardly any musicians that I know of in this small community plays metal or extreme music, and some of the ones I know personally who do are again "old-timers", and I hardly personally know anybody in my age group who plays besides one or two people. There are a few people around here who listen to the same music I do, but thats only a few people.

How can we follow you?

Song Title: Interstellar Wavelengths

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