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Artist Name: TailrMdeLvn

Who are you?

TailrMdeLvn is the eclectic tag team of Bobby Beige and Santiago Worldwide.

At this moment every song is a building block in the world that we are creating. The songs are assets and moments of art as the strategy right now is to make up for lost time after fighting cancer and burying the people we love. We are influenced by the 80's, 90s era, our people and also by Larry June, Dom Kennedy, Teyana Taylor, Drake, PartyNextDoor, A2, Bryson Tiller, OscarWorldPeace, Ragzofficial, Knucks and the videos we grew up on.

The imagery and aesthetic is heavily motivated by 35mm energy, archive clips and a retro 90s/80s appeal to give the music the right feel that we visualize. We are heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B so what we have done is fuse the sounds with our own South London twist and create a season of South London Wave. This is not grime, it's not drill, it's not like Skepta or Stormzy or whoever and despite the subtle influences here and there I know this wave can stand on its own 2 feet. The wave is the wave.

The goal is staying connected to the streets and seeing eye-to-eye with the people

Where are you from?

After a 6 year hiatus battling cancer, TailrMdeLvn are carving their own lane while drawing from the nostalgic sound of 90’s R&B and Slow Jams, Rare Groove, Hip Hop and Trap elements paired with gritty South London raps and melodies of the TailrMdeLvn duo.

TailrMdeLvn are composed of two creative individuals, Bobby Beige and Santiago Worldwide. The duo are based in South London, and have become known amongst their fans for their rebellious mindset, combined with a tremendous amount of creativity. The group combines a variety of genres rather than sticking to one, as well as mixing sounds from various different eras. This alone gives the group a sense of originality. The music scene in the UK has been on the rise for a while but within the hood of South London there is a sound coming to the surface that the world is going to rock with.

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