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Artist Name: Taj Sooch

Who are you?

As an person of the community and ready to help people who are less fortunate and helping my family for generations. This was my goal as soon as I started making music and always will be. With "Forensics" being the start of this new journey.

Where are you from?

Tajinder Singh Sooch (Better known by his stage name Taj Sooch) is a rising Canadian rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer, and master marketer from Abbotsford BC, Canada. Taj Sooch first made an impact as a Public Figure on YouTube by posting videos on the internet and transitioning to music at the age of 12. Making his own beats at 12 and rapping on them for fun. 2 years later, taking over Instagram and his city by the age of just 14 with his skit videos and music, and multiple other marketing moves making him the best in his city by the age of just 15. Wanting to express himself even more, Taj Sooch turned to songwriting, and recording music releasing singles that kept one-upping each other in numbers and views. In 2023, selling out shows all over Vancouver, Surrey, Chilliwack, Victoria, and the entire lower mainland. Taking the game by storm at the age of 16. Now an independent artist, Taj Sooch is gearing up for a big comeback in 2023. With a new team joining the likes of Maeylik who he calls big brother and his supporters who he calls his family. Wanting the title of “The King Of The Lower Mainland” get ready for the return of Taj Sooch in 2023. The music scene needing entertainment and lacking depth and hunger of achievement.

How can we follow you?

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tajsooch/?hl=en

All My Other Socials – https://linktr.ee/tajsooch

Song Title: Forensics

Listen to Taj Sooch:

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