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Artist Name: TayDrip

Who are you?

Im a upcoming independent artist that put my soul into my music i call myself a artist because my music is art itself i been through so many trials and tribulations and had no one to open up to or tell my story to so i chose to tel it through my music especially being diagnosed with depression and suffering from from being social its hard for me to open up so ever time i get in the studio it’s therapeutic and im able to vent

Where are you from?

Im from Pittsburg Ca, its a small city in the bay area with no hope from my prospective theres nothing for the youth no outlets, no type of opportunity, or clubs only thing to do in my city is be in the hood and different sides having problems.

How can we follow you?

Instagram: @taydrip1500
Spotify: @TayDrip
YouTube: @taydrip1500

Song Title: Imperfect

Listen to TayDrip:


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