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Artist Name: TerryO

Who are you?

I have done it all, from battle rap, lyrical, chh etc but today my passion is different in that I just love creating and sharing

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in Sumter, SC. Started rapping at 14 and anyone I have met in life can attest to my love of rap cuz I was always rapping. Lived in Alaska for a good while aswell as Tennessee, but currently reside in Apex, NC. Rap has gone from my dream, to my ministry to now just being my hobby. I love tailoring rhymes to beats, telling stories in song form or even exposing my true feelings thru my bars. I am 41 and rap continues to live and breathe in me as strong as it did in my teenage years. Now it's not to become a celeb but to share my talent with any willing to take the time to listen.

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Song Title: Know your worth

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