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Artist Name: Thank God

Who are you?

i see myself as an great hip hop artist but i believe i can flourish in any genre.As far as my musical content i would say my art is a reflection of what i go through & what i see going on in the world on a daily basis.

Where are you from?

Thank God is an an exceptional artist & a breath of fresh air for the musical climate of this day and age. He presents a new but familiar sound anyone can vibe to, whether they’re fans of urban music or not. Hailing from 4th ward of Paterson, NJ , which is also the hometown of artist Fetty Wap, Professional football player Victor Cruz , & the legendary producer Just Blaze , just to name a few, he’s showing that he’s more than qualified to carry the torch for his generation.

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Song Title: idea

Listen to Thank God:

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