The 7 keys to successfully pitching your music

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Whether you want Soundcloud promotion real to get your song on a playlist, book yourself at a venue, or SoundCloud reposts with a publicist, you’re going to need to sell them on your music. That means pitching your music. In the DIY Musician Minute video below, we give you seven tips on how to make a successful music pitch.

Those tips are listed below:


  • Find the RIGHT person.
  • Get the RIGHT contact info.
  • Reach out in the way THEY prefer.


  1. Show you understand who THEY are and what THEY do

  • No cut-and-pasting.
  • No boilerplate bios.

Focus first on…

  1. The PROBLEM you can solve!

  • Butts in seats?
  • Boost bar sales?
  • Grow their following?

A good pitch is a bridge between THEIR NEEDS and….

  1. Your unique SOLUTION

  • Be specific
  • AND realistic.

They don’t need a miracle; they need…


Don’t overpromise. 

A pirate-themed punk rock show that brings an extra 15 people out on a Tuesday night might be just the thing!

WORK FOR IT: Deliver on your promise.

And also promise to…

  1. Collaborate!

  • You’re a team player.
  • Don’t just do the interview.
  • Don’t just play the show.

Have a plan to…

Marshall your resources to build interest before, during, and after the event, placement, or partnership.

What are you contributing to the effort: attention, expertise, muscle, money?

Tell them! And keep it….


Hook ‘em. Prove it. And get outta there!

Because an email with 10 paragraphs of block text is exhausting.

(And there are 200 more in their inbox today.)

How have you opened doors when pitching your music?

We want Soundcloud promotion real to hear from you!

Share your tips in the comments.

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