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Artist Name: The Bastardly Curmudgeons

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From the Spotify artist profile:

The Bastardly Curmudgeons are a 3-piece hard rock/metal band led by Guitarist/vocalist FEO2, Bassist/Vocalist DOA, and Drummer/Vocalist Mistik, the band has been rising to prominence in the hard rock/metal scene with their unique blend of old-school and modern sounds

Where are you from?

Formed in 2022 as a response to the meandering mess that is current hard rock/metal music. They are not interested in the flash and glamour of the modern music scene. "We were all there when music Gods walked the earth and we're on a mission to re-educate these children before the genre disappears into the abyss of mediocrity.", says guitarist FEO2.

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From the Spotify artist :

Song Title: The Bastardly Curmudgeons

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