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Artist Name: The Solout

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Stupid productions! We did not care about anything. We just build our emotions.
What matters? Stream? view? Follower ? Not! Only emotions matter

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The Solout's Story

The story begins when AmirReza Pourseifi and Taha Amadeh were ready to study cinema in the third year of high school, and this was the beginning of their friendship and artistic activities. They first worked in cinema, and after the emigration of Amir Reza Pourseifi, they set up the CIMEX team to produce and distribute films. The Solout originated as branches of CIMEX, and it was in late 2019 that Taha and Amirreza decided to combine their separate musical activities, which until then had been purely personal and experimental, and composed pieces.

They became acquainted with the treaty to complete the group, Peyman perfected the band with a lot of talent and ability, and first he had mixed and mastered the album Ep Solord Wild, which was the first studio short album of The Solout band. In the fourth track of the album, they collaborated with Neg-R to expand the band. Collaboration with Neg-R was originally supposed to be just the size of a single piece, but expanded and Negar joined The Solout. Neg-R was a singer and musician and gave the group new phonetic dimensions.

Ep Solord wild was released in four tracks and lasted about twenty minutes. & The Fly with a Tornado is their long length album with 13 tracks total 53 minutes.

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Song Title: https://open.spotify.com/track/2HtWofMCJVpEcYwHCmeU1k?si=31c15f4cac604cf6

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