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Artist Name: TheDJLeeko

Who are you?

Im unique. I like all styles of Hip-Hop and R&B. I can set a underground and mainstream crowds vibe. I think outside the box and I am not scared to take risks.

Where are you from?

Manchester is full of Hip-Hop both underground and mainstream with some of my favourites being tunde, K-Don, Meekz, Aitch and Mastermind. Even around my local small area there are rappers who have the potential to hit up the charts. There isn’t much drill around here we have our own unique rap sound very much inspired from the states. Take tunde for an example. Imagine the likes of a shoreline mafia type beat but with the vocals of a strong manc accent. We do music different around here and there is hardly anything basic coming from Manchester it’s always something different. Going again on tunde there was a “mob music area” a few years back tunes with American artists and tunde. Like shit the guy even had an album with burner.

How can we follow you?

Soundcloud and Mixcloud!

Song Title: Leeko Vol 2

Listen to TheDJLeeko:

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