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Artist Name: Thug$prada

Who are you?

I’m someone whose really been through it , I grew up in an abuse religious house, and when I was I decided to choose not to believe in it anymore, I was excommunicated from the church and hence shunned by all my family and friends for not believing anymore. So as an artist I’ve very calculated and serious because it’s part of who I’ve becoming once having my mind open up. And so my music reflects all that whether it be pain, anger or, sadness. Now I’ve come to have see a lot in the world peoples different paíns and different joys, or carnal desires, so I enjoy rapping or sing about it all the good time and bad, because we can all relate. But i want to be an outlet where people who have experienced a lot can relate and hopefully find job or pleasure in my voice and the things I’m making music on.

Where are you from?

I’m from Omaha, Nebraska, and sadly not much of a music scene here besides a few local bars but not much exposure. So trying to be heard by a wider audience.

How can we follow you?

I’m on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and pretty much any music streaming service as Thug$prada.

Song Title: 21 808

Listen to Thug$prada:

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