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Artist Name: tHxgn Og CURty

Who are you?

Independent, Underground, Trap Artist. I got A Raw sound I talk bout Violence & Drugs & Streetlife. Very Skilled Rhymer, energetic, crafty, good wordplay, versitale when called on for it! Definitely consistent w/ releasing singles & volumes of music but I need to step it up on the showcase side. Meaning the artistry of it. Social Media, Music Videos, Content, & Shows also Merch!

Where are you from?

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, All the hottest rappers get killed we don’t really got nobye who the face of da city from the Underground. Shoutout To anyone who fwm ima shoot da real love back 🤘🏿

How can we follow you?

All Social Media : @thxgnogcurty
SoundCloud/ tHxgn Og CURty
YouTube/ tHxgn Og CURty – topic
Apple Music/ Og Curty
Spotify/ tHxgn Og CURty

Song Title: Really tHxgn

Listen to tHxgn Og CURty:

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