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Artist Name: TIM TRIP

Who are you?

My goal when creating music is to be true to my muse and to follow the inspiration. The outcome is usually a song that I enjoy playing.
I love to create a live show that is entertaining on every level, Not just music. My show can be described as a 1 man psychedelic glowing neon extravaganza of sights and sounds.

Where are you from?

I live in a really cool town called Arcata in Humboldt County California. Arcata is a very artistic town which makes for a very eclectic music scene. On any given night you can see live hip hop, reggae, rock, bluegrass, folk and more. There are many beautiful beaches nearby as well as the Redwood forests that are home to some of the largest trees on Earth. You don't have to look very hard for inspiration.

How can we follow you?


Song Title: TRIPPIN (Naked and Afraid mix)

Listen to TIM TRIP:

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