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Artist Name: Tino Rondz

Who are you?

As an artist, I would describe myself as creative/innovative/unique/passionate, and dedicated to my craft. I am constantly pushing myself to try new things and to improve my skills, and I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and evolve as an artist. I am also deeply committed to my art and to share it with others, and I believe that music has the power to connect people and inspire change. Above all, I am driven by a love for creating and performing, and I am constantly seeking new opportunities to share my music with the world.

Where are you from?

My Name is Tino, I'm a music artist & I'm from a place called Limerick, which is located in Ireland. The music scene in Limerick is diverse and vibrant, with a variety of genres represented. There are many talented musicians in the area, and there are always exciting concerts and events happening. The local music community is tight-knit and supportive, and there are plenty of opportunities for artists to collaborate and share their work. Overall, it's a great place to be a musician and experience all kinds of music.

How can we follow you?

You Can find me on all Social media platforms & Streaming platforms @tinorondz

Song Title: Sugar

Listen to Tino Rondz:

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