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Artist Name: Troncdyclop

Who are you?

Sai Prasad Padhy, also known as Troncdyclop for making songs (usually rap). He was born At Raurkela,Odisha,India, and currently Residing in his Hometown. He is a Part-time rapper.
You can listen to His Albums and Singles that are Available on Different Music Streaming Platform. As he always say one thing and goes on In Todays's Hip-Hop industry, That is – "Album Releases Goes On Forever…". the only person to help him at the starting days of his Career was nobody other than @Erinem Music. I Was Inspired by  Eminem and Erinem's Work. The most recent Album(2022) Of him is "Troncdy's Art – Re-Drawn". He started Rapping by the date of release of his first song (Rantisise) on 17 October, 2021. Now I'm focusing on making better and better music to compete in this industry.

Where are you from?

In my area, it's like a numb place, where nobody likes music, but me being Troncdyclop, had to take the step to start making music here! And now nobody's supporting me, but they can't stop me now!

How can we follow you?

Anyone can find me on –
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/troncdyclop-music-98154a226
SoundCloud – https://www.linkedin.com/in/troncdyclop-music-98154a226
Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/artist/14nTHqAgwyUqEf8iZkoYAX?si=QW0W2frmR9SL6JwBaiyLaA
YouTube – https://youtube.com/@troncdyclopofficial
Website of Troncdyclop – troncdyclop100.wixsite.com/troncdyclop

Song Title: Re-shit

Listen to Troncdyclop:

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