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Artist Name: TuFou XoMu

Who are you?

I would describe myself as an artist who is eccentric and lively. I use wordplay and entendres to create vivid images for my listeners. I take influence from old music and use current events to help create an entertaining experience for my listeners.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Kentucky but at age 9 my mother and i moved to Cincinnati after my mother graduated college from Kentucky State University. The music scene in Cincinnati can be described as Vibrant, Upbeat and Melodic. Some artist that i would like to pay homage from my home town to some artist such as YTB TRENCH, Skylar Blatt,Turich Benjy,
Meechie Stacks, Hellbxy and Midwest Milly.

How can we follow you?

You can find some of my music on united masters here is the link below


Song Title: Dance On Tik Tok

Listen to TuFou XoMu:

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