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Artist Name: TYJ

Who are you?

I'm out going I don't want to miss I want to fit the description my style is i style myself when i dress no Acting VEry passionate About my music I love to get creative And Do my best to make the listener feel the potent, ima driver a ridah a different breed One of a kind A blessed Highly favored child of God, A black sheep compared amongst GOAts Kinda reluctant i can be sensitive Non Missed A No Body I can be competitive at times I do have ryhms IM mysterious and mystic im non-fiction .

Where are you from?

BHam AL The scenery is not the typical, high death rates, bodies N allies, Alot of friction and tension, shootouts at block parties, people getting arrested, people get cardiac arrested and wrestled for their life really nothing new a world wide think in a deep thought bottom line clothes hung on a clothes pen real friends turned fake ones based upone the experience thats why i dont wanna fake nun, killers on the loose rapest and rapers diseases killed toosie and I thank Jesus Im still breathing Thank God Im Thanks Giving Jesus Shout out the 205 SSSSSH OUT 4317 South-Side Tradition?!! WE have Great Work, We Have MP @05 Legend in da making ….No_CaP, Doe B, Yung Bleu,YbN Nahmir, Honey Comb BRazy, REally my handful not in order and Ofcourse me onna course.

How can we follow you?

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tyj_muzik?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
https://www.instagram.com/divine_natured/ or @divine_natured
sc; "tyj_3xplicit"
twitter: @divine_natured

Song Title: Last One Right

Listen to TYJ:

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