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Artist Name: uknowitsIKE

Who are you?

I would consider myself a mix of pop and hip hop. Everything is produced, engineered, and written by myself. I get influences from all sorts of producers and artists, but it's hard to compare my sound with a lot of others. I think Jon Bellion would be the closest artist to compare myself with, with songs spreading across several genres.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri which is like a melting pot of influences. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia a couple years ago to create an independent music company. The hip hop scene is huge here in ATL and I'm constantly working with many different type of artists, including ones from QC, Rare Sounds, and more.

How can we follow you?

People can find me @uknowitsIKE on all socials, my website is uknowitsike.com, and my artist page on each streaming platform is under uknowitsIKE

Song Title: Story from ATL

Listen to uknowitsIKE:

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