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Artist Name: Wavy Kamp Fee

Who are you?

Wavy Kamp Fee, the breakout hip-hop superstar from Oakland, CA, is the voice of the New West. Armed with a trap-inspired sound and a lyrical pounding of emotion-filled bars, Wavy is determined to by pass any existing boundaries and burrow his own lane. His latest album, Him Not Them, is a timeless catalog full of unapologetic and rumbling club bangers that bring his style of rugged lyricism to the forefront. With the release of his hot new single, “FEWAP,” Wavy is no longer positioning himself, he is the lighthouse in the Hip-Hop wilderness and the blazing path that leads the generation to break free from the system. Along with the new single and video, Wavy has recently released several visuals for some of his other works, such as “Champagne,” & “Champagne Remix Featuring San Francisco Legend GUCE” and his new release “Shake” wavy showcasing his energetic performance style and ear for slaps. Wavy Kamp Fee is the savior of the sound of the Bay and his sheer presence will be felt for years to come.

Where are you from?

Country: USA

Town: Oakland

State: California

Writer: Elijah Ford II

Publisher: Since88

Phone Number: +1 (510) 761-4921

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Song Title: Shake

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