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Artist Name: Weird

Who are you?

As an artist I’m transparent, I’m me, I’m weird.-My music is a small percentage of my art work and I take it very seriously! Building a strong fan base is most important to me right now as I start my career, and so is including my fans in everything that I do. Wether it’s helping me design cover arts for projects, performing on tour with me and getting paid, helping/giving me your input while I write/record hits, things like that you know… I want my fans to be able to say, “we made that project together. Fans & Weird” not just me.-You hear artist say all the time that they want their fans to be apart of their journey…my fans are the journey and it wouldn’t be a journey without them.

Where are you from?

Shout out Detroit, Michigan, I’m from the D born and raised until age fourteen. Growing up the music scene mimicked the 80’s/90’s funk/old school samples, with trap influences. You have vets such as Peezy, Babyface Ray, Payroll Giovanni, FMB DZ and etc who’ve carried this sound and made it our own. Detroits music scene is very aggressive, impulsive, and never straight forward!..Our music makes you feel one thousand different ways at once, and that’s why people tune in.

How can we follow you?

I’m working on getting my social media accounts up and running, but you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @off____weird. That’s with four underscores. Make sure to turn on post notifications to stay updated on new music!

Song Title: How I Feel On Friday Afternoon (feat. Reverse Playback) Prod. Mass

Listen to Weird:

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