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Artist Name: weluvehxo

Who are you?

I’m trying to be better then who I am..

Where are you from?

My name is Torrence and I’m from Topeka I am a Artist and a Dancer when I was in elementary i wanted to dance and I preformed different songs for elementary schools and stuff and danced too my dream was to always show my feelings and how my life story has happened on a song when I was 10 I would be depressed because I had nothing to do and all I could do is just watch tv and go through stuff I never understand why when I brought someone to my house they would hate me when they came in. When I went to middle school everyone hated me even the teachers and every time I tried to explain myself to them they wouldn’t care I would express myself to them I couldn’t bare the pain that I was going through people just disliked who I am and so years later I decided to put my pain, my rage, my everything into music because using post traumatic and dramatic post on Facebook didn’t help me at all I broke down in 2020 on Facebook when my dancing and music was high during when COVID-19 was going on. Too much stuff was going on and I couldn’t handle it now I’m 17 about to be 18 in a few months and I hope this message shows you they way I put myself together into the music that you hear right now!

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Song Title: Slayer

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