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Artist Name: WHOISCEEE

Who are you?

I'm very open minded and sometimes a perfectionist, but that never stops me from being vulnerable and posting my projects! I'm also very unique when it comes to my music, I'm always doing different things and trying different sounds since I'm pretty new to the music scene, still trying to find my main sound too but I'm in no rush, I just love creating regardless.

Where are you from?

! was born in queens NY and now live in long island NY. the music scene in new york in general is very popular! always ways to connect with artists and find people to work with. There is so much talent around here and theres so many artists that need to be recognized for what they do. Also when it comes to music production, there are a lot of producers on long island that have that sauce and deserve recognition as well. they're the reason us "artists" out here sound so nice most of the time. Props to them and us.

How can we follow you?

you can find me on soundcloud @/ WHOISCEEE and follow my instagram and youtube music page @/ WHOISCEEEE


Listen to WHOISCEEE:

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